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About Duane


• Lifetime Calgary Resident. Family Came to Calgary in the 1800s

• Former University Instructor - Three degrees and Numerous Academic Awards

• Over 15 Years of Real Estate Experience

• Director and Consultant of a Number of Real Estate Investment Companies

• Supporter and Volunteer of Heart and Stroke Fund, Diabetes Association, Habitat for Humanity, Calgary Girls and Boys Club

• Servicing All Types of Real Estate - Investment, Recreational, Multifamily, Rural, Commercial

• Mission Statement: The Needs of Client Come First




I have appreciated your professionalism in the past few years and would definitely recommend your services. Thanks"
C. Fowler

"I have been extremely pleased with the prompt and couteous service received from Duane. My calls for maintenance were always attended to by very capable staff and Caroline at reception was always very helpful, polite and professional. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone wishing to buy or selll in the Calgary area. "Thanks again""
Tammy Sheppard

"Thanks for all of your efforts. I was very impressed with the you handled any concerns Klay Tate

"....absolutely superb. Every time they call me they know what they want - very professional."
Kevin Johnson

"very satisfied - have been for 10 years."
Wilson Shea

"I think Duane is Fantastic! I am always bragging about Duane"
Christine DeWitt

"I think that because of your experience, you understand our needs and wants better than we do ourselves. We are comfortable working with you and have never had any problems. Your team have always been courteous and helpful."
Keith Snider 

“The best Realtor in Alberta. “ Audrey Gilson 

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do I have to be pre-approved to view a property?  YES - that is the rule

what is a 'buyer's agreement' ? It is an explanation of agency and obligations of your agent.

do I have to sign an agreement? YES

why would I not buy from the listing or seller's realtor? who does that agent work for? 


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